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12 Year Old Female Elephant Shot Dead In Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

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A wild female elephant around 12 years of age was found shot dead with a bullet wound in the left side of its head. The elephant was seen in a kneeling down posture just 5 metres from the road.

There was no sign of hunting or attack from the elephant. The primary assumption is that the suspect was using a country made gun and the killing,was merely done for personal pleasure.

This cruel inhuman act took place inside the wayanad wildlife sanctuary(WWS) at Nalam mile,on the side of Sulthanbathery-pulpally road.


The perfection of the gun shot sounds to be made on purpose from a professional. And its hard to believe,why the educated-emotional humans are indulging in such heartless acts.

The investigations are on to catch the killer and the WWS warden has announced a cash award of Rs 25000 to anyone providing information,Contact no. 944797910.

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