A life is a life,Pay a little Respect

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I was out there in Palakkad as a part of Animal Birth Control programme initiated by the Dist panchayat officials in Palakkad.

As i was taking a break during my duty hours,i happened to see a vehicle hit a lamb and ran past it without caring a bit about it. People who saw the incident sympathized for the lamb,but no one was ready even to have a look at the suffering one. Maybe,it wasnt a human life and henceforth nobody cared.

I ran to the spot and in the heavy rain i carried it to the nearby hospital. He seems to have a broken neck and is in terrible pain when the doctor did the primary analysis.


He is battling for his life,and its really sad to see the innocent ones suffering huge pain due to the arrogant reckless driving of the humans. Meanwhile when am putting this up to you,the one thought you will have is to whether one need to care for such a issue ?

A life is a life and all these animals wouldnt have lost their lives if the humans were a little careful or at least had a little respect to a living one. A small change in your attitude towards animals can bring a big change in the lives of these small ones.