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7 pm status commenced as a personal profile status update headlining the complications confronted by the people around. What can you do to make a change in the society? This question is one among the viable rationale why the page 7 pm was founded. Upon earning huge response for the posts concerning the issues of a common man, the decision was taken to start up a page which could open up the struggles of an ordinary citizen. Thus the page 7 pm status came to scene and was named so in the interest of making updates regularly at 7 pm each day. The prime status update bumped up, precisely on 23 rd August 2013.Upto 300 status updates, the posts were stringently personal profile posts and thenceforth posts were made on the page. We insure that the posts are made out decorously at 7 pm each day.7 pm status is the first venture in a social media to come up with a time factor and even now there isn’t a media that supervenes a specific time. This strand makes the “7 pm” noteworthy and the page have signed in to about 1000 statuses. The name of the page “7 pm’’ was advocated by the readers themselves and the page has around 23 k likes and a post reach of about 500k readers.”7 pm status” is not just a page adumbrated for status updates. We file petitions, organise events, get associated with other events, visit the office of respective officials, notifies the social issues being reported to the page and also discloses the problems the page desires to bring upfront.

7pm status is the voice of a common man. It tries to rear up daily issues that are passed over by the public but are imperative. These status updates make the people think, create social media discussions and also work for better actions on these issues. It aims to generate a trustable media within the social media and spawns up more and more responsible citizen journalists. The real media can’t reach everywhere, but we spot the issues up to get the heed of officials and media. So 7pm status offers a platform for being a responder to the scrapes in the society and when people finds issues they don’t falter to report them to our page. The support for “7 pm” is surging day by day and number of people that come forth to report issues to the page is on the rise. The page has gone viral only because of the trust and support people gave. 7pm status is always there to support the students and women. We file petitions, complaints and does a lot of field work to get the issues solved. We exposed the torturing working conditions within professional offices, became the voice for the women who were receiving abusive messages with sexual flavour ,helped students when they couldn’t raise voice against the management and raised voice against torturing hostel rules .When bared to all these troubles people reported it to the page, we checked for the matter and made the issue viral which made the officials contact them and pressurised them to change the rule when that was paramount. We take the initiative in finding blood donors and have helped many hospital cases. The reason why we are able to do so is because of the supporters who don’t hesitate to volunteer. We also write about the issues that require financial help and our supporters have always responded to it positively.

7pm status has produced many special investigation stories. The stories that are never been heard off but issues which require attention. One such was in kumbhalanghi, where a lot of money was invested in tourism development but all of which was getting wasted. We got to investigate the issue as reported by one of our supporter and we presented all the information we found out to the higher officials and social media. Like kumbhalanghi, we have come forth with the issues of many villages. Since the page is managed by a smart phone, we take sessions on the positive use of mobile and Facebook in schools and colleges .7pm also gets associated with all the social welfare events in and around Kerala and are publicized in those events. “7 pm” was honoured in many social events at many occasions and received considerable media mentions.