An Open Letter To Carolina From An Indian

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An open letter to Carolina Marin,Gold medalist in Badminton ,rio olympics 2016,from an Indian citizen.

Though she defeated the Indian Badminton player P V Sindhu,am actually happy with her victory. She was 100% deserving to be the champion. Let me first extend my appreciation to you.


Hailing from a country,who loves sports and has taken the spirit of sports close to their hearts,the 23yr old carolina delivered in the pressure situation. Perhaps,the way Spain has come up defeating other Europian nations,shows how much special that victory was. And this spirit was the keen reason behind the worl number 1 defeating the Indian hopes.

But the fact is,when Sindhu and Sakshi wins silver & bronze,we indians take efforts to appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts. We feel proud to be an Indian in these situations,but we are never supportive to sports or the system back here in this country.

PV Sindhu

Our eyes are glued to the television sets,when our cricket team performs in the international level.And when they doesn’t,we act like experts criticizing them for letting our country down. One cant even express what’s going on their mind when they are watching an INDO-PAK cricket match.


I hope you are aware about the heated debate that took place in Spain following the govt’s decision to invest more in sports. To invest in sports and in the growth of football clubs,when the country was facing a challenging financial situation,paved way for a heated debate. Even other nations criticized the same as a foolish policy.

And in the same time,we too had issues,in the name of sports,but for different reason. It was for the corruption that took place in sports,when our country was hosting common wealth games and in arranging facilities for our athletes. I hope everyone reading this remembers how the international Olympic association criticized the Indian Olympic association for keeping criminals who was facing judicial investigation in powerful positions.

But we don’t put all blames on our system for all this condition. Perhaps,the truth is we don’t have what everyone calls “The sports culture”. We are still debating over the dress sania mirza wore in the tennis games. Sadly,there is still a section of people who believe women should stay within houses.


We indians live within certain stereotypes. Its hard for us to think beyond being an engineer and doctor. We too have sports events in schools and colleges. Only when someone carefully observes it understands that,those are only name sake ones.

Trust me carolina,if you were an Indian,then you would have never achieve this height and would be married off by now. The story of Sakshi’s mother cleanly seconds that.

It will be really lengthy if i have to explain every single matter here.Running out of time now,as i have to get my sister to attend her entrances classes.

Anyway,appreciations to you carolina,you deserve this. And let me extend my appreciation to sindhu and sakshi too.We have to make them heroes by now and then forget on investing more on them,and making them reach better heights.

An Indian Who Loves Sports.

(Translated from the post by Abdul Rasheed)