“Back In Our Villages,The Olympic Preparation Has Begun”

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The biggest achievement for India in rio olympics aren’t the 2 medals that we got,but the impact that has created within India. Back in the villages,we are now witnessing parents dropping their child to learn sports.

As a part of my job in Asianet News,i went to haryana and this is what i witnessed.

Her name is Sakshi Malik,the same name of the wrestler who brought us bronze in Rio. Holding the hands of her mother,she has came to Choturam stadium,rohtak to learn wrestling. “I want my daughter to participate in Olympics and win a medal for our country and make all of us proud”,sakshi’s mother told in a firm voice. And sakshi too joined it,in a shy voice quoting “Yes,i will win in the olympic games”.


Everyday,in the morning and evening time,the stadium is filled with aspiring students and their respective parents. Trust me,its an unbelievable sight to watch the long queue of parents holding their child and sports kits in and around the stadium. Perhaps,this is the only place where one could see parents accompanying their child to make them learn volleyball,wrestling,badminton and gymnastics, in the before and after hours of school.

Choturam Stadium,Rohtak
Choturam Stadium,Rohtak

We all have heard about Haryana as a state which was tied to the stereotypes like female foeticide,inequality,atrocities against females. Well,now we need to start changing our pre-assumptions and thoughts,as haryana is rising,supporting their child,irrespective of gender and helping them accomplish their dreams. Though,this love for sports can be attributed to the fact that one can get a govt job,it is indeed a promising change. Specially,when every girl child has started practising and believeing that they could infact achieve what sindhu and sakshi did.

Students Practicing In The Stadium
Students Practising In The Stadium

Maybe the time has changed,or else education has defeated the previous beliefs that girls cant achieve. The stadium has as many girls as boys and parents are equally supporting their children in all their dreams.

What sakshi and sindhu won for us are not just medals,but they have sowed the seeds that could end the gender inequality and senseless beliefs. There cant be any better sight than watching a parent,holding her daughter’s hand and proudly saying “She will make the nation proud”. India is changing and i really hope “The sports system will also change. Its indeed our duty,to take the extra effort to change the system,if its not improving from the state it really is.”

(Translated from the post originally written by Vipin Murali)