Criticize Personally,Appreciate Publicly; Actor Jayasurya Writes

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Have you ever noticed the fact that only a few takes the extra step to appreciate someone or say good words to someone ??

Malayalam Film Actor Jayasurya writes,

We all would love it when we get good comments,or nice compliments from others. But do we pass such compliments regularly ?? even when they deserve it ??


We are quite used to words like “okay,satisfactory,kinda good etc”. One day,when i asked my friend the reason behind why he dint appreciated our mutual friend ?,he replied like this.”Why ?? If i appreciate him,then we both have to see the bossy attitude or high head weight.” I was wondering about that reply,as i thought how much humans are thinking before passing a genuine comment.

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Now even if someone passes a comment that “Its good,Its superb etc”,we will be like “Oh ! come on man,stop kidding,stop teasing etc”. Last day,i gave a good compliment to the boy who did my hair cut and his immediate reply was “Stop kidding sir !”. I kept telling him how good the hair cut was and at last he explained. “Sir,i work here from morning to evening,doing hair cuts of many persons,but no one actually appreciates it. When a little mistake comes from my part,they criticize too badly,even using abusive words. Even after doing all the hardwork,the shop owner wont even appreciate thinking that i might ask for an extra pay from him.I might stop this job brother,as money isn’t everything”.


I didn’t had anything to reply to him. Perhaps what he told was right. We are too busy that we care only to criticize or to focus only on quoting bad remarks. Even when we realize that was something good,we never take that extra effort to appreciate someone,and meanwhile,we all will be expecting a good comment from others.


A good remark,a motivational advice,a genuine compliment can produce amazing results,as it boosts one’s morale. Criticize him personally,and care to appreciate him publicly. Lets spread the positive vibes,Lets spread the smiles.