Father Commits Suicide As Police Refuses To Take Action

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Women Safety is an alarming topic in our country.And its said that its the duty of police officials and every citizen,to make sure these atrocities against women are less. Sadly we have incidents like these.

A father committed suicide today,as police officials showed blind eye towards his complaint,which demanded action against a boy who was disturbing her. Krishnakumar,an autorickshaw driver hailing from Alapuzha,gave a complaint to take action against the boy that was disturbing her. The police ASI Kunjumon took money from krishnakumar with a promise to take action and later ignored the matter. Citing there was no action taken,krishnakumar again approached the police and received severe threatening from the ASI. Finally,krishnakumar committed suicide leaving behind a suicidal note that describes all the events.


The complaint was against the boy named Unni,who was disturbing krishnakuamr’s daughter terribly. When asked about the reason behind no action taken,the ASI threatened the family quoting that he will arrest krishnakuamr’s son and will beat him if they utter any word about the complaint.

“Let my death teach these policemen a lesson.Let every struggling family get the deserving justice.” krishnakumar wrote in his suicidal note. The letter was addressed to the chief minister,quoting that such policemen should be removed from the service and are a disgrace to the entire department. DGP has ordered for an immediate investigation on the matter and has promised that strict action will be taken.

This matter has indeed created wide protests in the village and across the state,as the ones who ought to ensure women safety,are behaving in such a manner. Whom shall does a common man approach,if the police themselves are backing the wrong ones ??