Great Service Comes From Greater Sacrifice

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Its easy to sit back and criticize someone. Sometimes those criticisms may be right while,the same may have been raised without having any knowledge on the reality. When we fail to appreciate someone’s efforts and only criticize,it surely hurts.

Recently Our finance ministry and Prime minister quoted that the bankers in India are quite lazy and this behaviour need to change. The same may have been intended when the bank proceedings takes hours,thereby making the commons frustrated. But,amidst these,there are stories like these.

Swati Chitalkar,a syndicate bank employee hailing from pune,put up this picture in her Facebook profile,a still describing her working life. But the picture was so powerful that it emphasizes many messages.


Describing the picture,swati quoted “Its not a baby on a floor ,its my heart on the floor. He was fully fevered not ready to stay with any body. As half day is over I couldn’t take leave in between and a urgent release of loan was there . but I could manage to mind my both the duties.”.

Courtesy-Swati's Facebook Profile
Courtesy-Swati’s Facebook Profile

When,we have pictures of our respected politicians sleeping while on work being shared in social media,swati dedicated this picture as a message to those politicians. It even depicts the tough time of a mother,who has to manage her work and family.


Well,the picture has been viral in social media,paving way for many discussions.”It aint any counter dialogue to our respected politicians,but it tells a story of a banker’s life. It is actually a never ending process. Government officials can keep on offering policies and facilities to the commons through the banks. and it inturn puts pressure on the bankers,who doesn’t have that much workers to get the job done with ease.” says Vysakh Kr.

It would have been a lot better if our officials analyse the situation of bank employees,vacancies and make efforts to make its functioning smooth.