“I Had To Suffer Because I Wasnt There In My Teacher’s Goodbook”

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Teacher-student relationships are always special. It is indeed the base for every student.But amidst these,we often encounter incidents where a student has to suffer just because he/she is not able to end up in the good book of a teacher.

Our educational system should be proud of the quality teachers it possess. But,not every teacher can fall into that quality category because of many reasons. Students who end up victims of those behaviors rarely raises voice. Here,an engineering student writes what really happened to him in a series of tweets.





Once this series of tweets started trending,many students have now opened up their life experiences,being much similar to that of rohan. “Teachers are humans and they obviously have likes and dislikes. But when a teacher expects a bad boy to turn into a good boy,he/she should make sure that they dont worsen the situation.”says Reshma Mariya Siby.

Teachers these days are very much emotional and hence,their actions can sometime be rude. It is really sad when the actions (intentional or not) ends up in making the student quit. Whether its a scolding or a punishment,every action ought to have a touch of positivity that should help the student in his/her future. What does one gain,if a teacher does all these to help a student think and the student takes only the negatives ??

One should admit the fact that generations have changed and the conditions have changed. When a teacher believe that he/she knows the mindset of student,they are actually wrong.Because the same keeps on changing owing to the lifestyle.

Not being partial,but students should also have equal responsibility. Whatever a student do,a teacher has to forgive and take effort to change that person is too hard to accept at present. But a teacher can make sure that he/she doesn’t be biased to students and not have any assumptions on students.

Lets be a little responsible 🙂