“It Wasnt A Risky Decision,It Was The Better Decision”

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Inspite of the high rate,people prefer to go to private hospitals for delivering a baby. When the commons doesn’t even dare to look into the government hospital,this IAS officer is being an example.

IAS officer S.S. Nakul,arranged for his wife to deliver at a government hospital in Karnataka to send out the message that the treatment is as good and safe as private clinics.

“The reason why people,even when they don’t have much high financial capability prefers to select the delivery packages offered the private hospital is just the lack of trust and assurance.

IAS_Officer_380x300But people should understand the fact that there are highly talented and experienced doctors ready to serve the people in the government hospitals. Its time people change their attitude towards the govt hospitals.

“Poor and middle-class people should take advantage of comparatively cheaper government facilities on offer. I didnt took a risk on selecting a govt officer,i took the better decision by selecting a govt hospital” advises Officer Nakul.

Nakul’s wife Pooja gave birth to a healthy baby boy at the district hospital and both the mother & child are safe.