Before You Judge Indian Athletes In Rio Olympics

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Indians have started judging the Indian Athletes performance in Rio Olympics,within the short span. Getting frustrated of not getting a medal,many have raised concern that Indian athletes are not giving their best shot in the Olympics and the money spend on their preparation is a waste. While,the rest of the voices are still chanting the athletes name giving them all the support.

Shobha De’s tweet “Goal of Team India at the Olympics: Rio jao. Selfies lo. Khaali haat wapas aao. What a waste of money and opportunity” kick started the judging trend in the social media.


But before we let our emotions or frustration take control over us,there are few things we need to think upon.

How many people in this country have actually observed these athletes before the Olympic news got the spotlight. When we have turned blind eye towards the sports in this country since long,it doesn’t give us the right to judge these athletes.

Well the results so far has been really promising.The women’s archery team lost only by a whisker in the quarters. They scored a 28 in their last round with scores of 10, 9 and 9 and tied the match. Ultimately they lost in a tie breaker. How many of us are aware of the fact that all the three girls have come from poor backgrounds in tribal areas ?.


Before we put all the blame on the athletes for not performing well,we at first need to analyse the facilities and the opportunities we provide to them back in this COUNTRY.The fact is that with the abysmal quality of sports infrastructure and the piddly sports budgets here, it is a miracle that we are able to produce the talent we do.

Did any of us watch the grit of Dipa Karmakar when she boldly did a Produnova – The vault of death, to reach the finals? Produnova can break your neck or back and cause instant death. But Dipa went ahead and did it anyways. She did it for India !!!


Can anyone of us compare the infrastructure and facilities provided to cricket here with the one provided to other sports events. The crores of rupees investment in cricket,through IPL,Ranji trophy,district wise championships,Club cricket has actually helped the sport to grow really big in the past years. But the situation is much different regarding other sport events.

The ones who has so far been able to win us medals are the ones who are extraordinarily talented and hardworking ones. Many of them even has the facilities to invest on their skills like Abhinav Bindra who won gold,has invested crores in his personal shooting range and gear.


Everyone has the right to be a critic and to raise their opinion. But when our nation’s best ones are competing to make our nation proud,it isn’t right to criticize them. This is the time where our nation needs to stick together and support them in their events in all the ways we can.

Our athletes have reached there not just for the sake of having fun or to take selfies. They have nominated themselves on the Olympics cut offs through sheer hard work, commitment, perseverance, and talent. Its completely okay if you cant support them or appreciate them,but please don’t criticize or hurt them.Let them do their job peacefully.And if you still wants to criticize,do it to pressurize all the officials involved in sports here,so that the facilities and opportunities can improve.