Junk Food Turns Junk Inside Food : Infopark Employees Cry Foul

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Thousands of employees work in the Infopark kochi,as techies or being a part through other jobs.The onset of Infopark has actually brought immense development in all the sectors surrounding the park.

When the quality of services offered by our Tech companies are praise worthy,the quality of food provided to them is pathetic. Let us take the most recent example.

Mr.Dileep Kumar,a techie from InfoPark describes his terrible experience.


Look at the quality of food being served in Restaurant Called Chill and Grill in Thapasya Infopark,Kochi. The charges are way high,and this is the quality one gets. In the busy schedule of a techie,one cant spot all this and the after effects will be affecting the employees to a large extent.

This is not the first time,says Dileep,as last week one of his colleague got some grease and rubber bush from American chopsuey,back in the same restaurant we are talking about.

Multiple complaints has been made to the higher authorities but there has been no action. It seems to be pure ignorance both from the info park authorities and the restaurant authorities.

Also,when dileep raised a voice,there has been few voices quoting that the so called restaurant are using banned milk and some other ones got half cooked chicken.

The situation is getting worse,as the ignorance has started affecting many employees and the need of the hour is an action.It isn’t about the point of stop visiting that particular restaurant,its about ensuring good quality of food back in restaurants in infopark.