These Kids Are An Inspiration To Us

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Education is all about acquiring knowledge,skills,values etc.And thats the exact reason,why one respects the educated.In the recent years,the focus of the educational institutions deviated into business and mark based knowledge assessment system. But incidents like these shows us that the rightul education system still holds high.

Saji Jacob writes:

Yesterday when i stepped into my classroom (a government school),i saw students sitting in groups and discussing about Yashvant. Yashvant,a fellow student of my class had rashes all over his body,due to some allergic reactions.


Seeing those rashes,some students rushed to get Tulasi leaves,while some rushed to get turmeric powder. They started applying the tulasi leaves over the rashes,while some asked yashvant to eat the leaves.

Seeing me,two students Arya and Fidha came and asked permission to go to their house and get medicine.”Sir,we got a medicine useful for this allergic reaction. I applied that medicine when i had the same allergy”. I happily nodded my head.


They ran as fast as they could and came back with “Calamine” in few minutes. They themselves removed yashvant’s shirt and applied the medicine over the rashes. The rashes disappeared in 1 hour.


I was happy to witness all these and to realize how my students have responded to the situation. It makes me feel proud about my children. This is what every teacher expects from their students apart from academic excellence.

“Team 7pm appreciates these students for their swift action and Mr.Saji Jacob for his rightful guidance. This is the proper way to educate our future generation.These kids are an inspiration to each one of us. May god bless them.