We Make Heroes Of Our Sportsmen Too Soon & Forgets About Helping Them Reach Next Level

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Yesterday,Dipa Karmakar made every single proud by giving her extra ordinary performance in the Women’s vault competition in Rio Olympics 2016. With her score of 15.066,she came second in the standings,and then slipped to the 4th position by the end of the event.

Its indeed a special and proud achievement as Dipa is the first Indian ever to qualify for that event and to reach 4th in the global competition. But,we do have a point to think about watching the way our athletes performed in the olympics.


We are now celebrating the 4th position of Dipa karmakar,like the way the nation did when Milkha Singh secured 4th in 1960, PT Usha reached 4 in 1984. Amidst these celebrations,we need to ask ourselves that are we perennially satisfied with ‘almost’ winning a medal at the Olympics?

While Deepa must be applauded for her efforts,one shouldnt make the mistake of celebrating her to the extent of making her a national hero. We did that with Milkha & Usha & our goals were set just that high.

We all can blame the system back in this country for what our atheletes were not able to achieve.But how long will we use that as an excuse?? It’s been 56 years since Milkha and 33 years since Usha missed an Olympic medal.


A third world country like Ethiopia has won 45 Olympic medals in athletics so far! And Sprinter Usain Bolt,who hails from the economically challenged Jamaica, has won 7 Olympic golds. Is just the system to blamed ?? If all the athletes from these countries had the luxury of blaming their failures on the ‘system’, they wouldn’t have achieved these competitive medals.

Analyzing the pattern of athletes,their achievements and public reactions to it,one can notice many patterns.Are we Indians always satisfied with less? Do we lack ambition and a sporting attitude or do we as a nation just suffer from low self esteem?


Whatever it is, we make heroes of our sportsmen too soon, leaving them with little to aspire for. Perhaps,this attitude needs to be understood and changed at the earliest.

“We must support Dipa Karmakar and we should sympathize for her loss too. We need to investigate on why she lost and raise voice against the system for failing her. But instead of doing all these,we will make her a hero and forget all about helping her and helping others like her reach the next level.”

(Taken from the post by
Apurva M Asrani)