Misogyny Only In Films; Serials Empower Women

Lets discuss about serials in detail as they don't do any harm.

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On the sets of IFFK, popular Malayalam film actress Parvathy set out a debate quoting the misogyny that has been existing in the film industry for years. To make her point clear, Parvathy with the timely support of actress and director Geetu Mohandas was able to point out the dialogues by Megastar Padmasree Mammootty in the movie Kasaba. Well, as all the attention is on the movies, I would like to draw your attention to the television serials and glorify their everlasting support to women empowerment.

Don’t get shocked when I say serials help in women empowerment! They seriously do and at the same time, they are also advocating the principles of equality by giving right attention to the Male actors in the serials. One of the main reason why serials have been able to entertain the public for a long time is that they nearly take years to end.

Let’s get into the specific reasons of how serials help in women empowerment.

    • Education
      In order to send out the message that women need to improve their education level, certain serials are made on such high levels that even the educated ones can’t understand the logic. Serials like ‘Each Other’ has the female lead entering a renowned socially reputed family where the mother in law thinks a girl shouldn’t be educated just because she couldn’t find the value of X in her school days. But the way the female lead survives the challenges put forward by the mother in law has been really inspirational. As the serial goes on, the female lead has been able to pass even IAS exams thereby being a role model for all not only women but also men. The serial has the male lead and his father not responding to the voice of the female characters in most of the situations. It clearly shows how men ought to behave and the message that one should refrain themselves from opening mouth.


    • Skin Colour
      Racism has been existing in our society for decades and still, its implications are way large. To counter this, a timely intervention was put forward by the serial ‘Blackpearl’. The serial had the female lead with an over dark-skinned tone facing discriminations from the society. It has the female lead getting racist comments from fellow other women which indirectly boost the morale of the women who like to pass such comments. At the end of 4 to 5years, the serial glorifies the ultimate mission of the girl’s life by getting her married. The serial has been really inspiring to the fairness companies and also empowering the women to pass and face such comments and finally get married.


    • Marriage
      While it’s been said that the marriages have been limiting the future aspirations of women, serials like ‘Wife’ have been successfully able to counter them. These serials show how marriages are for fun and anyone can cheat on anyone in any relationship. Even the way both male and female characters cheat on women and the senior women holding guns clearly sends the message of women empowerment and glorifies women at its peak.


    • Children
      While most of the parents are busy watching the serials, there is a huge chance of them failing on parenting. To eradicate the possibility of such scenarios, certain serials are giving a very good message on how to treat children. Certain women characters are shown harassing the children passing derogatory comments, emotionally harassing them etc. I would like to believe that all these are done for the sake of helping the children face bigger challenges in future. It is really fortunate that none of the actors, social activists have said a word about these scenes and thankfully everyone believes in the way I mentioned earlier.


Since most of the people are confused with the point whether films and serials have an impact on the society, let’s just focus on serials as they empower women and do not degrade them on any grounds.