Mystery Surrounding The News About A Drowning Muslim Girl : Fake or Not ?

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Recently,a story of a young Muslim girl not letting any other man to save her in an emergency situation is getting viral. Well,the latest update regarding the story of the girl hailing from Thodupuzha shouting “Only my husband can touch me” when a military man came for the rescue,claims the story to be false or a cooked up one.


The photo which the media has featured for the story was the one taken from Punjab one year before,where police DSP Gurmeet Singh Kingr,saves a girl from drowning in the river.

Initially,when this story came up without giving any details of the girl,her husband,or even the man involved in saving her made half of the commons suspicious. The story has backfired now,as the image has proved to be a false one.


The story has created a debate in the social media,with people supporting the decision of the Muslim women,who stood by religious views or personal views of not letting any other man touch her. While the rest has criticized the girl’s decision,as she was facing death and its all about saving one’s own life in such situations.The post was widely shared by commons,including officials like VT Balram.

“A story where no details are given and claims that the girl is a muslim sounds suspicious. Atleast,the report ought to say which river or the village or any matter regarding the same” says the netizens. Anyway the same has backfired upon the journalists who created the news to get few shares and likes or site views. If the story is proven false completely,then it is a big shame on the media for being selfish and trying to hurt the unity in the society for one’s own TRP rating.”

PS-We are ready to apologize if anyone can come up with solid evidence that makes the story true. Since no evidence are up,but putting up a fake picture,without even a caption of “for representational purpose”,seconds the fake tag.