One Man’s Determination Helps To Take Down A Misguided TV program

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“Kutti Pattalam”,a television show in surya tv was recently stopped,as an activist took an extra effort to bring its negative impact in the spotlight.

Here is a translated version of the interview with Hashim Collemban.

The end result of hashim’s efforts shows that if one takes an effort for justice in the proper and rightful manner,then its impact will be really huge. The Television show “Kutti Pattalam” which had an anchor interviewing kids in front of an audience and having fun with the use of words that carried double meaning,was stopped following the complaint by hashim. It clearly shows that a common man can even take on the big guns with the help of the existing rules in our country.


The show was actually a hot topic of discussion following the questions that were asked in the show. “Does your mother drink alcohol ? How many glasses does they drink ? Does dad talk to other girls ? etc,a various range of questions are asked to the children. The children answer them through their innocent mind,while the rest of the audience laugh over the double meaning those questions and replies really carry. Though many wanted to raise voice against this,no one actually came forward.

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Hashim,took the extra step by initially calling the child line toll free number. Once they pointed out their restrictions,hashim then sought the help of the child rights commission. Once the proceedings started under the commission,the surya tv officials weren’t present in the first sitting. In the second sitting,the surya tv officials claimed that the show doesn’t show any such scenes or use such dialogues that entertains double meaning and all those allegations are strictly because of the mental condition of hashim.

Hashim,had no plans to back out and in the next sitting,he brought a video proof of what is actually happening in the show. Surya tv officials countered it by quoting that the video is a edited one and its a fake one. When the officials asked surya tv to bring the original video of the episode,the tables turned against the channel. Once the officials verified the same,surya tv was asked to take down all the episodes that were present in the youtube,and were warned not to proceed the program in the present way.Few days back,surya tv announced that they are stopping the program.


What maybe fun for us,may actually be hurting the sentiments of children or making serious impacts in the innocent minds of children. Hashim’s efforts clearly shows that a sincere effort can bring real changes in our society.

“You don’t have to be powerful to take on the big guns. All you need is a little effort. People raised their concern over the program in social media and in other platforms. But no one had the time or intention to actually bring a change or to at least warn the officials. This is where hashim is different from all of us. Hatss off to all your efforts hashim.”