Rapist Scores Distinction In Yoga Test ; Walks Free Of Jail

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Thanks to the special scheme launched by the Maharashtra Government,a rape convict has now walked out of Central Prison in Nagpur 40 days before the completion of his term. The scheme gives the prisoner a chance to earn remission by scoring well in a Yoga test.

Sheetal Kawale,who was convicted by the lower court for raping a relative in 2012,became the first person to get the benefit,after he scored distinction in Yoga test held earlier this year.

“Kawale scored a distinction in the 100-mark test (50 for theory and 50 for practical),so he was granted a 40-day remission or reduction of sentence. One more person is also freed,as his marks were close enough to that of kawale. Also more than 100 inmates have qualified for the remission in due course.” says Central Prison Superintendent.


However,the remission is not applicable to convicts of terror charges and those held guilty in narcotics crime. The previous tests were held in the months of May and June (2016) in various prisons and the results were published to the end of July. The next test is expected to be held on October 2016.

The implementation of the scheme is intended to promote the traditional discipline in all walks of life. The ones who scores high in the tests,are the ones who has changed their thoughts and criminal attitude and therefore,they will lead a positive life after they walk free of the jail.


8 prisoners,four each from Nagpur and Aurangabad central jails, have so far got remission ranging between 30 and 40 days. Amongst these,are the ones convicted for rape and graft and also charges of voluntary causing hurt by the use of dangerous weapon.

Social Media has responded in a negative manner to the issue.”An exam shouldn’t be a criteria to let a person walk free before completing his term. He was sent to jail not for failing any tests,but for doing criminal offence.” says Netizens. There has been voices and concerns raised as many believes this scheme will help the criminals and also increase the crime rate in he country.

Do you think this scheme is teasing the judiciary ?