This Is How A Reputed Hospital In Kerala Treated A 96yr Old Man

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I write this to share about the bad experience me and my family had at Believers Hospital-Thiruvalla(A Well Known Private Hospital).It all started on 01/07/2016 after my grandfather who is aged 96 suffered a fall.

Firstly,we went to a government hospital where they gave him the first line of treatment and a CT scan was taken.It showed commutated fractures in the maxilla and the zygomatic arch and a 5mm hemorrhage in the frontal gyrus. This pressurized us to move towards a well known hospital,and hence reached BELIEVERS HOSPITAL at 10.30pm.

As soon as we reached the hospital,my grand father was rushed to the emergency dept and history taking got over by 11.15pm by a lady doctor.By 12am,she told us that the hemorrhage part isn’t that serious and they will accommodate him in the ward since SICU(Surgical Intensive Care Unit)beds are full.

I had suggested that he be put on IV fluid(Intravenous),as he has not taken anything solid after 1pm. By 1.15 am,a pg student came and told us that we should try some other hosp as no beds are free. Shockingly,till all this time they didnt even bother to put him on IVFS. He was on the bed just like we brought him.

After a lot of arguments,atlast I asked them to give a referral letter and in the first letter they mentioned about giving him ivfs and a pain killer. But my grandfather told me that they didnt do anything.

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Confused,I asked a nurse and she said “He was not given IVF but a pain killer was administrated”. I wasnt convinced and then,I asked PRO for a detailed bill. Since the bill had no charges for medicine and ivfs except for bed and bed pan charges,I asked them to mention the name of the analgesic if at all they had given any.Then they started beating around bushes.

After 20 -25 mins,when I saw the letter again the analgesic mentioned was Tramadol and at the end of the ref letter,its written “DISCHARGE ON REQUEST”.


When I asked them that shouldn’t it be the other way round,they had nothing to say about it.Finally me and my grandfather left the hosp at 2.15am,a wastage of 3.45hrs and that too for NOTHING.

“I write this to raise voice against the mismanagement of hospitals like these,so that the commons are not cheated again. Professionals like these are the reason that laymen ridicule this profession”.