“Subhash- An Inspiration To People”

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I met Subhash,last week in kozhikode for the Brevets 200,a 200km cycling event. Subhash,is a well known personality,as he has done small villain roles in serials and has himselves designed few costumes for the movies which has actors like Mammooty and Mohanlal in lead. Unfortunately,subhash lost his left hand in an accident.

I was surprised to know that subhash can actually do this 200 km cycling event in the route of kozhikode-nilabur-kozhikode,which has severe ups and downs. Even when i hesitated,subhash was strong and did the same with ease. He even helped us with the route.

Courtesy-Manoj Ravindran Niraksharan

When we arrived at the finishing point in the evening,subhash was standing there. But i knew that subhash hasn’t completed the event,as he was no where to be seen in between the journey. When i inquired about the same,unveiled the real inspiring story.

Subhash crossed three checkpoint in the right time respectively,covering more than 60 kms. Unfortunately, he lost the brakes of his cycle. Soon he stopped his cycle by ramming it into a bus stop. He then decided to give up on the event,and traveled back the same distance in his cycle that had no brakes.

He applied brakes with the help of his legs throughout the return journey,balancing the cycle with the help of his right hand in the ups & downs. Subhash has been actually riding his cycle by applying the front brakes only (since he doesn’t have the left hand to apply the back brakes). But if he was riding a cycle that allows the rider to apply both front and back brakes with the help of one hand,he could have easily covered the 200km distance. He would have accomplished that better than all of us,as his confidence was conveying the same in the right manner.

Courtesy-Manoj Ravindran Niraksharan
Courtesy-Manoj Ravindran Niraksharan

“Personalities like subhash,actually inspires us,motivates us to fight against all the odds in life and achieve. We,in spite of having lot of advantages complain about the little things that we doesn’t have. And these people,show us how it is done by taking the extra efforts. If the question is about why he rides thereby taking the risk?,then one can learn the answer from the way he rides.

These inspiring personalities are the real superstars in this world”

(Translated from the psot originally written by Manoj Ravindran Niraksharan.
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