“This Is Why Having Besties Is The Best Thing”

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How exactly do your friends react when you miss a road trip with them ? Well,if this is how they react or worse than this,then you are indeed in the company of the best ones in the world.

Vighnesh,Vyshak & Monica were friends from their school days. The friendship was so deep that,they made sure they stayed in touch even when the distance was long. Recently,vyshak came on a leave from air force. Once the trio met,the next thing on the move was to switch on the trip mode. Unfortunately due to personal reasons monica couldnt join them. But who cares about that once a plan is made ? The boys started their cool journey from thrissur to Hampi,karnataka via Bangalore.

In the middle discovering routes and places,Vyshak and Vighnesh,made sure that they irritated Monica for not joining them. The soon started posting the pictures in whatsapp groups and instagram.

In return to those posts,monica came up with a creative reply. She edited the picture and doodled herself,into it,right in between the two and uploaded it with a caption “Am also there bros”. They didn’t notice those uploads initially,but did when they saw their own pics being uploaded by monica with creative edits.

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The boys then made the trip really special by giving space for her character,thereby making the duo to the real trio. Every single post was so adorable that it gave a glimpse of the true friendship they have in between them. The posts were then shared by the social media users,tagging their best friends and asking them to learn from these boys. The pictures were so special that it brought a smile to every single person who knows the value of having such special friends in life.

From left Vighnesh,Monica and Vyshak
From left Vighnesh,Monica and Vyshak

Well,next time if any friend misses out on a trip,do count on this method bro. Lets make sure no one from our gang misses out from a trip photo.

Here are some of the picture :
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