“What Every Woman Activist Has To Go Through In Social Media”

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If its true that social media belongs to everyone,then every user ought to have the right to speak on the subjects they like. But what every woman who raises a voice or an opinion on the much debated subjects or political issues,have to undergo are some specific harassment.

If you are a woman who actively participates in political debates,criticizing the ones responsible,then you must be prepared for the abusive storm that’s going to strike your inbox. Irrespective of what the point is,the incoming messages will be mainly character harassment,in a pity abusive manner. If anyone wishes to react,then it can turn ugly as it will become a one against many match.

Sunitha Devdas,a social activist and a journalist recently posted screenshots in her timeline about the perverts who sends her spicy messages.Once the post paved way for a heated discussion,she urged more and more ladies to open up about the hard experience they have. “If we chose to block them,they will do the same to other girl. I try to bring them into the spotlight so that the society can teach them a lesson” says sunitha.


Sunitha was leading a silent protest against a group of perverts who uses social media only for this purpose. And what followed was a counter attack by a group of men criticizing her by quoting she entertains them,cheap publicity stunt,double faced girl etc.


Her recent facebook post shows the plight of every women activist in social media.

“I don’t know Kollam DCC secretary M.M Sanjay Kumar. I never had any communication with him or neither are we fb friends. He send me pic of himself,followed by another. Then he sent me a ‘Hi’ to which i replied ‘Yes’. The next thing he asked me was my phone number. Feeling irritated,i blocked him the next moment.

I dont believe that a good reputed social leader will behave this way if he/she came to speak about a serious matter. People will ask one/s number only after they mention about the purpose.

I raised the same matter in my campaign in social media,but what followed was harassment and abusive behaviour from the congress party activists in kollam. They were passing abusive comments on me in their party whatsapp group,and trying to defame me in public.

Sad thing to realize is that,there were woman leaders like Bindhu Krishna in that group reading those messages and keeping their mouth shut. Their silence was actually supporting those party activists who were continuously abusing me for no reason.


To harass or to defame those woman who takes her stand in a society and raises her voice,has been a common practice in our society. But the time of such cheap techniques are over.Today’s women are more strong and can hold on to their opinions if they believe they are standing for a rightful and a needful protest.”

The way they have been harassing people like sunitha for raising an alarming topic clearly shows that they don’t actually support their own statements regarding women empowerment or women safety.If this is how they behave towards a woman to cover up their leader’s mistake,then our country are progressing into a much worse stage.

PS-A complaint has been filed with the cyber cell regarding the same.

Taken and translated from the post by Sunitha Devdas
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