When An Advice Becomes A Body Shaming Act

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Recently social media has been filled with views and debates regarding the topic “Body Shaming”. Well,the term is nothing new to us. We all are quite familiar with this topic,as we are also a part of it,in one way or the other.

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Body shaming is defined as inappropriate negative statements and attitudes toward another person’s weight or size. It can be termed us bullying,hurting one’s sentiments,or even a discriminatory act. Apart from all these,what generally happens in body shaming is the way it get diverted from the positive comment to a negative vibe.

Everybody in this world is unique and hence,has different body shapes. Some may be thin,some maybe fat,some maybe having great shape with curves,or some maybe well built. The present generation are obsessed with the beauty factor to one extent that they are very much conscious about their body shape. Perhaps,this obsession results into severe depression when someone does the body shaming.

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“You look really thin !”,”Oh My God ! You gained weight !”,”You should eat less and get a good shape”,these are commonly passed comments. Suppose two people are quite close to each other and one person passes the comment that “You gained weight,Need to be careful”. The person may have expressed those words,out of the care and love he/she has for the other person. But,the same will trigger the depression hormones in that person’s mind. The passed comment will take down all the confidence of that person,as its his/her close friend who has passed that comment.

If you consider it as an act of making fun,or bullying,then obviously nobody would be interested to hurt that person. But what generally happens are,such comments passed in a friend circle or private chats can actually take down a person’s self confidence. Perhaps the truth is,these body shaming comments are the most used comments in conversations.


Most of us have passed that comments and heard the same in our life. How many of you are sure that “That particular statement of yours haven’t hurted anyone ? Or atleast disturbed their confidence?”. Well,this is the main reason why i write this.

Last week,i met my friend after 5 years. In the conversation i told her that she became really fat. And in return she told “Man,your hairs are turning into white color”. That comment hurted me to an extent and i realized how much my comment would have affected her. We both never intended to hurt each other,but in turn we both got affected.


We preach a lot about the concept that one should live the life the way he/she wants. And the irony is we do pass these comments,shaming others publicly. Lets be free from these clutches of keeping the body perfect. Lets live life freely.


Next time,when you are about to pass such a comment on someone’s body,do think twice. Is that comment really needful for that situation ? Am i sure that she will take it only in a positive sense. Lets respect the uniqueness of each other and pass positive vibes. And if you are perfect enough to make others perfect by your perfect comment,then go ahead in the perfect manner.


A person who entered gymnasium to get a body that could impress girls. Later couldn’t continue due to busy life schedule and ended up in being fat.And now trying to be thin,which i was before i entered gym.