When Colleges Torture Students In The Name Of Professionalism

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Colleges play a significant role in the character formation of every individual. The college life experiences,problems,teachers everything actually play a good role in constructing the individuality in every student. But somewhere,in the one way process of making every single one a professional,the college managements are actually doing it wrong.

If you look into most of the professional colleges in our society,one can notice that those educational institutions are the epitome of rules and regulations. The amount of rules and policies they maintain to make every student professional will make you go mad. Sadly,no one gets mad today as parents like only those institutions that has more rules than the students they have.


But in this long journey of becoming a professional,what every student loses is his/her college life. He/she is forced to live within a rule box,being asked to dream only about the beautiful professional life one will have with the high cgpa score and marks.And the process to make a professional,ends up in making a rebel.

Students protest against authorities in Christ University

To be very frank,the rules are made in colleges actually to please their own officials than to make a professional out from students. Only god knows how the rules like girls and boys are not allowed to sit together in library,classrooms,being fined for not wearing shoes even on rainy days,are going to help them in becoming a professional who needs to work in a team. When companies like Infosys are allowing their employees to wear casual dress,we have teachers saying “You will not get a job until you tuck in your shirt”.


College life of every student is that time,where he/she discovers his/her hidden talents. And here,when there are rich opportunities to explore them,the colleges doesn’t even allow the students to participate in that.Most of the students prefer to take leave to attend such events as they say “If you are looking to get a duty leave signed from the teachers/principal,you are not gonna participate in any event”. And when someone achieves,the colleges surely takes the credit and speaks highly about how much they are supporting the students to get more admissions next year.

Even when college offers alot of opportunities,the hostelers are the unluckiest people in this world. Hostels are actually torturing centers,where the wardens are free to make rule and parents back it up. Parents believe that those rules will actually make their child a better individual. But only those students know how they are coping up with the stress in college and with the torture in hostels.


Today,the situation has become worse as students have reached a point where they are reacting by trying to disgrace their own college. Most of the students are hacking their own college websites and trying to show their protest. What educational value are we teaching our students,when the same students use the knowledge to bring disgrace to one’s own institution ?


At the end of the day when more and more colleges are up competing against each other,the students lose their enjoyment and freedom day by day,pushing themselves into a stressful life.Managements and teachers surely need to reconsider their mission and vision.”It may be business matter for managements,or a fight with fellow other colleges,but for students it’s their precious college life.” Offer a college life with the values of professionalism rather than a training to become a professional.