‘World Blood Donor Day’,a day for humanity

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“Blood Connects Us All” is the theme by which the world celebrates ‘World Blood Donor Day’ today.

Blood cannot be manufactured, and therefore we,the humans have to step up to help each other in need. Facts says that when 1% of a nation’s population step up to donate blood,the nation’s blood needs can be easily met. Everyone of us need to encourage voluntary blood donation.

Here are some basic information we would like to share with you.

•Preferably people between age groups 17-65,and weighing above 50kgs can donate blood. The ones with a healthy body, normal pulse rate,body temperature and blood pressure are favoured.

•Blood donation is a simple 4 step process-Registration,Medical History & Mini physical(Checking whether the donor is safe to give blood), donation and refreshments.

•An average adult has 10units(4-5 litres) of blood in his body and roughly 1 unit(450millilitres) is given during donation. The withdrawn blood volume is replaced by the body within 36hrs and the haemoglobin and other components in 2 months.

•Adults have 10pints of blood in their body while 1 pint of blood can saveup to 3 lives. One can donate red blood cells every 56 days and double red blood cells every 112 days.

•Healthy donor can donate platelets as few as 7 days apart,but for a maximum of 24 times in a year.

“It is safe to donate blood evert three months and there is a constant need for a regular supply of blood since blood and its components can be stored only for a limited period of time.”